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Pre-Order the most efficient and cost effects CPU-Miner in the world:

Choose between the pure board (single or bulk order) or choose from Colocation option which means you can let the boards work for you on our end.
For power and hosting we add an upfront fee to the prices.

If you pay with TELOSCOIN the Colocation option is free. The continual Proof of Stake and MN Rewards from TELOS is than used to cover the Costs to run
your boards in Clusters.

Check the different community Editions of the Boards for discounts and payment option.

If you take one of the community edition boards, you get also a T-shirt of your choice from Transcendence Fanshop (can be TELOS, XBTX or Transcendence and in different colors as shown there but only the lowest priced T-shirst for Man or Woman as seen below on this page )
Custom VIM3 based Board:

Based on the awesome VIM3 board we let produce a Community Edition which is cost-reduces be excluding functions not required for CPU-Mining.

High H/W lowers your enegery costs when mining drastically. Save up to 3times your energy costs compared to an Odroid XU4 when mining XBTX

Up to 800H/m vs 550 on an Odroid XU4 give let you earn more XBTX at the time time.

If you take the energy saving and higher hash rate into consideration the Board coasts only as much an Odroid XU4 but it boost your ROI drastically. 5W vs 11W (in both cases optimised Kernels) save you energy and money.

GO BIG OR GO HOME STYLE we offer you to order a large quantity and we setup up Clusters like The Blue-Reactor in our place.

The differences between ME and PRO are:


A. top of the Board
  • WIFI & Bluetooth Module - No
  • Antennas for WiFi and Bluetooth - No
  • IR receiver - No
  • GPIO 2×20 Pins - No
  • USB-A - NO 1
  • Connectors for RTC Battery - No
B. Back side of the board
  • 30 pin FPC Cable for display - No
  • 30 pin FPC Cable for camera - No
  • 10 pin FPC Cable for Touch panel - No
  • M.2 Key for SSD - No
  • Wake on Lan Function - No
  • GPIO Extension Chipset - No
  • Gsensor - No

Payment options:
You can pay via Wire transfer, PayPal, XBTX, TELOSCOIN
When paying with TELOSCOIN you get 3% off and free Colocation Option (So we Host the device(s) on our site for you).

Power Input5V/3A Power supply (can be order additionally)
System SoftwareCustomized Ubuntu for optimised CPU-Mining on microSD-Card available optionally

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