What is colocation ?
- colocation is the service to store your Bluebox in our rooms and run them 24/7 for you.
Your benefit is that you can save on shipping and energy costs because we will just keep our default management share of your Bluebox rewards which is currently 20% (the Reward calculator cuts this 20% automatically off)

Do I need to provide collateral (coins) to run Nodes on my Bluebox ?
- no, we will fill the Bluebox for you with nodes. It is calculated in the purchase price. We take continually 20% of rewards generated by your Bluebox as managing fee.

I heard about a scoring - What is this ?
- we will give Blueboxes points based on uptime and as reward for stability. Factors are your power grid and internet connection quality. If both are bad (e.g black outs) you get a lower score. If you get a high score, you will get the change (first comes first , old to new ) to get higher valued masternodes placed on your Bluebox.

I have perfectly fine Internet.. Do I need to take your offering?
- no. If you don’t opt-in for the internet option, you can keep yours normal internet. Attention! In that case please check your country rules regarding VPN connections. It must be allowed to establish VPN connections, else it will be technically impossible to run it from your side and using own internet provider.
And yes.. if it was your intention, you get more rewards when you don’t get Internet paid by us.

If your country doesn’t allow VPN connections, you can make use of the colocation service.

How are payouts handled ?
- Default payout is handled in TELOS (You get access to a mobile wallet and you can use the existing wallets). Later when your Bluebox qualifies for other coins, you get an push message with the request to activate the suggested coins. In that case you need to add your personal Wallet address for this coin.
We don’t exchange coins.

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