The Bluebox connects with us and serves for example but not exclusively the Transcendence Blockhain as well as participating 3rd parties. The bluebox can be seen as decentralised datacenter which holds Virtual Servers. Those run Masternode deamons to serve POS blockchains or offer a p2p file storage for Proof of Storage based Webstorage services. Basically your HDD storage is rented by others and parts of the revenue comes back to you. Also in case the build in OpenCL unit is used for computations by paying 3rd parties your Bluebox gains a share.

Based on number of Blueboxes you own, you get an adtional share multiplier.
Let’s say you buy one Bluebox and the Bluebox makes 200€. You will get your DSL contract payed by us and a share on your iOS / Android Bluebox app of 20% of the made revenue.

Starting from 30th of November you get
In numbers based on estimations which are not guaranteed.
2 x Masternode monthly revenue = 60 $ -> From this you get:
50% minus your DSL contract.
DSL prices may depend on countries and so you can get a monthly income equivalent of 30-50$ next to your paid internet.

What if you don’t want free internet or phone ? No problem… Than you just get 80% of what the Bluebox earns.

If you don’t take the INTERNET-Option during checkout, you get 80% of rewards per box (20% are kept by us as fee for managing the nodes and deciding to host higher ranked nodes on your box)

You can also use the multiplier option to get more Nodes.

How much can I expect to earn with Storage.
It depends on how much storage is provided globally and how much is required / rented to 3rd parties or non-profit organisations. Revenue grows by more demand of coins which again are required to pay used storage.

How much can I earn with OpenCL computations?
This also depends on 3rd party demand. The Transcendence Network may decide to enable Mining in that case number of participating miners will dictate the price.

Can I use it completely on my own… yes but you will ned to setup everything on your own and we don’t pay your internet connection.

1 Unit(s)
Check Me if the box is in colocation
[Blueboxes] * ( [VALUE] * 2 * 90 * 30 * [numberofnodes] ) * 0.8 - 30 - ( [KWH] * 30 * 24 / 1000 * 20 * [Blueboxes] ) + [colocation]
1 Unit(s)
Check Me if the box is in colocation
[Blueboxes1] * ( [VALUEXBTX] * 50 * 10 ) * 0.8 - 30 - ( [KWHx] * 30 * 24 / 1000 * 20 * [Blueboxes1] ) + [colocation1]
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